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With growing concerns of the Covid-19 situation, BBI Group is taking the following “social distancing” precautions:

1. All sales trips for OysterGro and BBI Plastics are postponed until further notice. We will reassess as the situation develops.

2. Our BBI Marine retail sales are still fully operational but we will serve our customers in the following manner. For everyone’s safety, we are no longer accepting drop-in visits. Please call ahead with your requirements and we will have your order ready ahead of time for pick up.

3. We have canceled all unnecessary visits by salespeople or contractors to BBI Group’s facilities.

4. Trucking, shipping & receiving – we will be taking a proactive approach by having our inventory team meet you outside when you arrive. Truck drivers will not be permitted to enter our facilities and we ask that you wait to be loaded or unloaded in the cab of your truck.

Rest assured that we are still fully operational with a full team in all of our manufacturing operations. We are taking these measures as a responsible, proactive approach for the health and safety of everyone who works for and with the BBI family.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we all work through this situation together. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-506-743-5455

Day 2 continued! At the Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture Ministers Conference in Halifax Nova Scotia. This afternoon we were privileged to be part of the session on Climate Change Adaptation. We presented what BBI Group as a manufacturer is doing, how our team cover that extra mile to make a difference and our manufacturing perspective on what more needs to be done as we all endeavour to tackle this challenge. #makeadifference #oystergro #oysterfarming #aquaculture #oysters #oysterfarm #oysterfarmer #mariculture #seafarm #sustainable #floatingaquaculture #floatingfarms

Spring is round the corner and we’re happy to share it’s Oyster South time!! Time does fly and we are already at year number 4 with this well organized and very educational event. This year’s symposium is being hosted in the fantastic setting of the beautiful port city of Wilmington , North Carolina. So if you’re attending, make sure you stop by and say hi to our OysterGro dealer team – Doug Ankersen of Double D Oyster Company and Frank Roberts & Julie Davis of Lady’s Island Oyster, they will be more than happy to offer advice and bring you up to speed with all the latest and greatest with the OysterGro range. Last but not least, make sure you sign up for the oyster farmer regional prize draw as you could be the lucky winner! 🤞

Blow away your storm day blues with this great video from Taste of Nova Scotia. Highlighting the delicious Salt Bay Oysters and the efforts and commitment of the D’Eon family as they deliver premium oysters from farm to table. Enjoy 😉

#oystergro #oysterfarming #aquaculture #oysters #oysterfarm #oysterfarmer #mariculture #seafarm #sustainable #floatingaquaculture #floatingfarms

“Hand crafted oysters” with the OysterGro system. Here’s a follow on video to our earlier post on the SRAC project. I feel this video really highlights the connection, pride and commitment of both farmers and restauranteurs on the delivery of exceptional quality oysters from farm to table. Enjoy 😉

A proud conclusion to a couple of years of hard work and detailed research on flipping routines to combat biofouling.

Funded by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center, participants in the project included oyster farmers, industry stakeholders, marine biologists, academic bodies and government agencies. Grouped into localized teams and spread across six states, they studied which flipping routines would best control biofouling when farming with the OysterGro system.

This video gives a great perspective from our OysterGro partners involved and a good understanding on how they work with the OysterGro system. We hope you enjoy the video and we’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

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Ran across this #vlog from Fidel Gastro’s #trucktotable featuring none other than #OysterGro® #farmer Sober Island Oysters.

Utilizing #naturesgift of creating a beautiful flush of phytoplankton and nutrients partnered with #OysterGro<sup>®</sup> to control the cupping and clean shells, Fidel got to see start to finish a great operation supplying #Halifax and beyond a quality oyster.

And by the way – Hey, Chevy Trucks, hook a brother up! We’ll showcase how #oysterfarmers can put your trucks to work!

Round 3 of our new replacement float launch titled:“The drag coefficients and hydrodynamics of OysterGro (6-bag) Pro systems and how it relates to a better investment for your farm because…#science!”Well – it’s a working title – maybe you should just watch the video!#oystergro #oysterfarming #aquaculture #oysters #oysterfarm #oysterfarmer #mariculture #seafarm #sustainable #floatingaquaculture #floatingfarms #ecsga Lady's Island Oyster Double D Oyster Company

Posted by OysterGro Systems by BBI on Thursday, August 22, 2019

“The drag coefficients and hydrodynamics of OysterGro® (6-bag) Pro systems and how it relates to a better investment for your farm because…#science!”

Well – it’s a working title – maybe you should just watch the video!

#oystergro® #oysterfarming #aquaculture #oysters #oysterfarm #oysterfarmer #mariculture #seafarm #sustainable #floatingaquaculture #floatingfarms #ecsga

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