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International Business &
Dealer Development

Steen Gunderson

Tel: +1 (506) 743-5455

Director of Engineering

Marc Goguen

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Director of Sales

Raymond Ouellette

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Business Development Manager

Melanie Wall-Field

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North Carolina through to Atlantic Florida Distributor

Frank Roberts & Julie Davis

Lady’s Island Oyster Inc., located in Beaufort, SC is the South Atlantic region dealer for OysterGro®. Frank Roberts and Julie Davis have a combined 40 years of experience in aquaculture and commercial fishing. Lady’s Island Oyster has been growing oysters since 2007, originally using bottom cages, then floating bags and quickly adopting the OysterGro® system after witnessing its superior performance over these other systems. OysterGro® offers a variety of options that can meet the demands of the wide variety of environments throughout the South Atlantic. Air drying is crucial to producing a top quality oyster in the South. OysterGro® cages can be easily flipped on a routine basis to control biofouling, giving you a clean product with an excellent meat yield. Hurricanes are our other challenge in the South. The OysterGro® system has successfully protected our crop from a number of hurricanes because the cages can be sunk, pontoons down, protecting the crop, and retrieved after the storm using simple, rugged tools.

Julie and Frank can help guide you through site and gear selection, anchoring. configuring a boat to work smarter instead of harder, and a husbandry routine that will provide you with a superior product at harvest. Contact us with your questions or to schedule a time to come and see our farm in action, we’ll gladly show you around.

Tel: +1 (843) 473-5018
14 Huston Drive
Seabrook, SC 29940
United States


Gulf of Mexico Central, East Distributor

Doug Ankersen

After learning about off-bottom oyster aquaculture Doug founded the first commercial oyster nursery along the Gulf of Mexico.  In 2014, he established the OysterGro® system dealership to service the oyster farmers along the Gulf Coast. Growing up on the water fishing and supporting clean water projects has been a passion for Doug. Oyster aquaculture is the perfect business producing a sustainable high-quality food, that creates fish and shellfish habitat and cleans our waters.

Expanding into farm operations has allowed Double D Oyster Co to provide installation and support to other farmers looking to start new businesses.

For Doug, OysterGro® aquaculture systems represent the most cost effective and labor efficient oyster farming system available to the market.   Within the oyster industry, he regularly appears in media and TV programs. He is often requested to attend food and oyster events that showcase this new industry along the Gulf Coast.

Doug holds a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has trained as an environmental scientist studying estuary oceanography.  He has spent more than 30 years in his corporate career in senior management and subsea engineering.

Double D Oyster Ranch

2830 Lawrence Steiner
Theodore, AL 36582
United States

Tel: +1 (251) 591-7346


UK & Ireland Distributor

John Labbett

Coming originally from the commercial fishing industry, John started his oyster farming career using traditional rack and bag and bottom culture methods on his centuries old oyster layings in the River Roach in Essex, UK. As the oyster farm grew, it quickly became apparent that he and his staff could not keep up with all of the required husbandry when the trestles could only be worked every other week on spring tides. This, coupled with silt and predation issues, led to John searching the world for a system that could be worked on whatever the state of the tide, did not need substantial extra equipment (new large boats, lifting gear etc) and most of all was commercial with proven large, successful farms. Having seen a lot of systems that looked great but were difficult to work (and slow) in the real world and some systems that made no sense at all, John found the OysterGro® system. The system ticked all of the boxes and even used the tried and tested growing bags he already used, just putting them where he wanted them. John has now expanded, having recently taken on two oyster farms in Scotland, they will soon have OysterGro® installed now that all planning and licencing issues are in hand. John is happy to help and discuss the OysterGro® system with existing farmers looking for a better way or new entrants to the industry.

Labbett Family Farms
The Oyster Shed
By Tarbert,
PA29 6XN

Tel 01583 505002
Mobile 07981017021


New England Distributor

Captain Thomas Henninger

A biologist by training, environmental educator, and former commercial fisherman, Thomas founded Madeleine Point Oyster Farms in Yarmouth, Maine. Madeleine Point Oyster Farms is a family owned and operated aquaculture business that grows oysters, scallops, and kelp.

Thomas started his oyster career at the age of 12 in Norwalk, Connecticut.  His employer was a very large bottom culture business with vast leases and very large traditional oyster boats.

Years later. after starting a family of his own, Thomas came to see the value of having his own business on the water and the quality of life that it would afford his now teenaged sons. He traveled the eastern coast of the United States and Canada learning from oyster farmers and seeking out a method that would match his family’s resources and abilities.

That Search led him to OysterGro, a reliable, cost–effective, durable system that would grow high quality oysters in an environmentally sound manner. This system could grow out a large number of oysters in a small area without the need for big boats and heavy, expensive equipment.

In addition to growing oysters, Thomas has sought to diversify his business and create community by providing ancillary services to support other local farming families. Madeleine Point’s floating upweller systems are used to raise seed for other farms. Thomas has also involved students from the University of Maine and the local public schools in all aspects of oyster and kelp farming.  As a distributor for OysterGro, Thomas is able to use his experience to help other farmers get started.

Madeleine Point Oyster Farms

Tel: 1+ (207) 318-5617


New York, New Jersey & Delaware Distributor

Joe Finora

Joe Finora co-founded the Hampton Oyster Company with his brother James in 2015. Their operation was the first “big water” floating farm in NY state, made possible by the strategic use of OysterGro® equipment. Joe hails from the North Fork of Long Island, and since being gifted a row boat as a young boy, has spent most of his time on Peconic Bay. Joe continued to follow his passion for the water through education, earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in marine engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology, and into his career as an engineer diver. Now, as an oyster farmer, Joe understands the unmatched value, resilience, and engineering of the Oystergro® system and looks forward to assisting other regional farmers with equipment selection and implementation.

Hampton Oyster Company

Tel: 631-680-7426