About OysterGro®

Designed to deliver

Developed through many years of innovation and testing, the OysterGro® system offers all the in-depth knowledge and specialized equipment required for the cost-efficient, commercial production of high-quality oysters.

Engineered for efficiency and versatility, the system provides an ideal growing environment for oysters while drastically reducing the time & manpower required to manage and harvest compared to alternative methods.

Employed by oyster farmers worldwide since 2003, the system has earned its reputation for delivering high quality oysters and profitable results.

Grow ahead...

With a strong and growing demand for oysters around the world, rearing these tasty mollusks is among the most predictable and rewarding of the aquaculture businesses.

As consumers continue to discover the culinary appeal of this delectable shellfish, aquaculturists who can produce superior product efficiently and reliably will reap the benefits of a high-value harvest.

Engineered to be a highly efficient & productive farming method

  • Gives you the advantage, as your oysters are consistently feeding in the nutrient rich waters just below the surface
  • Better access, OysterGro® is designed to be easy to work with from your boat so you’re less restricted by tides
  • Highly efficient, each Pro unit will carry 1200 to 1500 grow out oysters, so you handle less equipment but produce more oysters

Track record

  • OysterGro® consistently produces a higher quality oyster that delivers best price
  • Desirable size and shape
  • Consistent growth
  • Appealing look
  • High-value harvest

Built rugged, built to last

  • Designed, engineered and tested for strength and performance
  • Built with the best quality materials supplied by trusted manufactures such as Riverdale, Intermas and Hartco
  • Over the last sixteen years OysterGro® has proven to stand up to bad weather from winter ice and storms through to hurricanes

OysterGro® is much more than just equipment, we also help support our farmers with:

  • Site selection
  • Business planning (ROI analysis)
  • Critical insights on timing, tending, harvesting
  • Site best practices
  • Training both on site and with instructional videos
  • Established OysterGro® social media forums for support, idea sharing, and product feedback

What is the OysterGro® system? – How it’s made

Handling your oysters and the first layer of crop protection

With OysterGro®, your oysters are contained within a rectangular-shaped bag that is designed to give the maximum use of space within the cage structure. Our 900-gram bags are manufactured with 100% virgin material and come in a wide range of mesh sizes allowing you to safely contain your oysters from the seed stage through to the harvesting of your market-ready product.

The quantity of oysters per bag is dependent on the stage of oyster growth, also you need to consider the water flow and nutrient levels at your site. Typically, in the final grow out stage for a 3” oyster we see bag densities of 220 up to 250 oysters per OysterGro® bag. This method reduces labour as any operational movement, such as dividing, sorting or harvesting is done with bag transfer rather than handling individual oysters.  

Main cage structure and second layer of crop protection

The OysterGro® bags slide into a user-friendly cage structure, which gives your crop a rugged containment system securing the bags and giving a second layer of protection to your oysters. Accessing your bags is a simple procedure as you unlock the cage door and slide the bags in or out. For our cage material, we only use the proven Aquamesh® material from Riverdale Mills, which is manufactured in the USA and comes in a range of mesh sizes to match your particular needs.

Floatation and system rigidity

Attached to each cage is a pair of floats that are connected to the cage structure at multiple points giving not only the floatation needed but also adding rigidity to the system as a whole. With our floats, as with all materials and components that go into OysterGro®, material selection and engineering design is key. This is why our design and polymer formulation, for both our Stealth and Black float range is specifically engineered to deliver rugged performance for your day to day operations.

Precisely engineered because the details matter

All our structural connection components such as OG clips, float retention strands and our braces are unique to OysterGro®. These highly important structural components are specifically designed and manufactured to ensure they meet our exacting engineering standards. If it’s off the shelf, it’s not an OysterGro®.

Tailor made with quality you can trust

In support of your OysterGro® system, we have a wide range of system accessories and operational choices. These options and support materials enable you to tailor the system to meet your needs.