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When it comes to service, we always strive to set the industry standard. We achieve this by working with you as more of a partner than your typical supplier. That means it’s our objective to offer our experience and best practice support as you push forward and build your operations and business. Our proactive service objective is built on our three guiding fundamentals being Quality, Value and Longevity. We build high quality products that deliver great value to our farming partners and are ruggedly manufactured to deliver the longevity you need as you grow your business.

Trust & Track Record

Trust is essential in any business, but it’s particularly important in aquaculture operations and …

Environmentally Responsible

The fact is we only have one planet, and at OysterGro® we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to take …


Since the original OysterGro® invention in 2003, our team has continuously strived to develop …


When it comes to manufacturing, OysterGro®’s recipe for success has been built on two key foundations.

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What our OysterGro® farmers think

The OysterGro® team is fully committed to playing our part in helping farmers capture the opportunities as the oyster aquaculture industry continues to grow.

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We are constantly innovating our product. Keep visiting this page to get our latest developments.

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The Oystergro® system works!

Farming with Oystergro® has proven time and time again that you can build a viable business and successfully take your place in this flourishing industry.