Why choose OysterGro®

When is comes to service we always strive to set the industry standard. We achieve this by working with you as more of a partner than your typical supplier. Meaning it’s our objective to offer our experience and best practice support as you push forward and build your operations and business. Our proactive service objective is built on our three guiding fundamentals being Quality, Value and Longevity. Meaning we build high quality products that deliver great value to our farming partners and are ruggedly manufactured to deliver the longevity you need as you grow your business.

Trust & Track Record

Trust is essential in any business, but it’s particularly important in aquaculture operations and choosing the right equipment to grow your livelihood! Before any equipment purchase, you should be asking these questions:

  • Is the manufacturer supportive and do they back their products with valuable advice?
  • Is their quality as good as they say it is?
  • Are the materials used strong enough to cope with mother nature?
  • Where do the materials come from?

With OysterGro®, trust and transparency are key. We want you to be confident and know that our systems have only been built with the best quality materials available on the market. We are proud of the long term relationships we have built with key, high quality suppliers, who are widely known for their longevity in our industry.

OysterGro®’s open approach and partnership mentality have led to the success of the pioneering oyster farmers who took a chance on us back in 2003 and are still working with us today, growing their farms to thousands, and in some cases, tens of thousands of cages! These loyal customers are joined by hundreds of other successful farmers who are growing their businesses using the hundreds of thousands of OysterGro® systems in the marketplace that are collectively producing hundreds of millions of market-ready oysters each year!

Environmentally Responsible

The fact is we only have one planet, and at OysterGro® we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of it. At our manufacturing facilities, we have replaced older equipment and invested in technologically advanced machinery that uses significantly less power, and the majority of our heating needs is fulfilled by heat recovery systems connected to our manufacturing processes. When it comes to our products themselves, we are equally focused on minimizing our environmental impact. We work exclusively with reputable material suppliers who have robust environmental policies and are based in regions with solid regulations backed by enforcement. We only select the best quality material to ensure the longest service life of our systems. Lastly, Oyster Aquaculture itself is scientifically proven to advance aquatic ecosystems through the oyster’s natural ability to filter water down to 2 microns!


Since the original OysterGro® invention in 2003, our team has continuously strived to develop all aspects of the OysterGro® aquaculture method, including enhanced farm efficiency, system longevity and the development of a product range with enough depth to match most modern-day oyster farmers’ needs. Over the years, this “drive forward” progressive mentality has seen the OysterGro® innovation evolve and mature to establish OysterGro® as the go-to farming technique for today’s oyster farmer. Looking to the future, when it comes to innovation, we have a simple promise – We Will Not Stop! We will continue to design, engineer, trial and work with our oyster farming partners to ensure we continue to deliver you our signature progressive technology, quality and the best value for money.


When it comes to manufacturing, OysterGro®’s recipe for success has been built on two key foundations.

#1 is our Team – From production staff to management, we are fortunate to boast a depth of industry experience and technical knowledge that we feel is second none. By choosing OysterGro®, you gain the advantage of having personnel on your side who take pride in their work, care about quality and have vast experience delivering world class, rugged aquaculture equipment.

#2 is our Technology & Equipment – For our team’s skills and experience to succeed, we provide them with the best quality equipment available. From cutting-edge plastic injection moulding machines to our exclusive OysterGro® fastening systems, we only use the best equipment to ensure we consistently manufacture the best products for your farm.